Aircraft Logs and Records Technician

Task Description:

Aircraft Logs and Records Technician, GS-301-07: Maintains aircraft and engine logbooks and associated records. Proficient performing all operator, data entry and retrieval functions associated with aircraft recordkeeping. Performs networking functions between individual stations, including analysis and correction of errors caused by software, hardware or data entry. Transmits and receives data via floppy disk, modem and other electronic means. Extracts data, formulates and interprets management reports, creates archives, backups, and data saves in support of military deployments and detachment operations. Performs a wide range of clerical and administrative duties related to aircraft maintenance, such as preparing reports and correspondence, filing and typing, performing data base and systems analysis.

Task Requirements:

  1. Performs duties for Organizational O Level maintenance
  2. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance support documentation for MH-60S
  3. Aircraft maintenance action documentation via logs, records, forms, and electronic means
  4. Technical Directive compliance entries
  5. Maintain Aircraft, Engines, and SE Logbooks
  6. Maintain Central Technical Publications Library
  7. Support services
  8. Other duties as assigned

Preferred Personnel Qualifications:

  1. Configuration Management for Organizational and Intermediate Activities (C-555-0059)
  2. Aeronautical Technical Publications Library Management (C-555-0007)
  3. NALCOMIS OOMA System Administrator (C-555-0049)
  4. Utilize the current management information system(s) to maintain aircraft forms and records as required
  5. Process readiness documents, administer the aircraft configuration status accounting program and verify aircraft utilization reports

Minimum (Basic) Personnel Qualifications:

  1. U.S. Navy Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ) A School or three (3) years relevant military experience
  2. Must be able to work 1st, 2nd, 3rd or weekend shift
  3. Must satisfactorily complete a National Agency Check Local Records Check and Credit (NACLC)
  4. Must be eligible for Common Access Card (CAC)

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