The Plumber shall work alone or with other workers to perform simple or complex tasks while following appropriate and safe procedures. Responsible for reporting to workload manager all discrepancies or unsatisfactory performance of equipment as well as unsafe conditions. Must be familiar and comply with all safety regulations. Must wear appropriate safety equipment. Visual and sensory perception along with hand-eye coordination is required to operate equipment, detect deficiencies and make repairs diagnose problems and make installment of devices, equipment, parts, etc. The Plumber shall have a good familiarity of NAVFAC SW Safety and Health Requirement manual, instructions, agency equipment regulations and directives. Guidelines will include a variety of Federal, Department of Defense, and Department of Navy, Commander Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest publications, manuals, directives, standards, policies and procedures. Processing The Plumber shall receive assignment from the workload manager in the form of oral or written instruction (work order) to perform a variety of plumbing tasks. The Plumber shall work alone or with other workers to perform simple or complex tasks while following appropriate and safe procedures.

The Plumber shall ensure all designated working areas are maintained in an orderly manner and continuously maintained free of trash and debris. At the end of each day, the general work areas shall be swept, supplies, materials, tools, and equipment shall be pick-up and stored, and the municipal trash containers will be emptied.

Technical Support
The Plumber shall receive work assignments through oral instructions provided by the workload manager. Specific assignments of work are provided with detailed instructions on all but the repetitive tasks. Work is checked during progress and upon completion for compliance with instructions, adherence to established practices and standards, and overall acceptability of work. A journeyman-level employee normally checks daily assignments. A Government employee gives advice on unusual problems and checks to see if completed work meets the requirement.

The Plumber shall participate in meetings with contractors, agencies, clients, and team members when required to do so.

The Plumber shall participate in briefings when required to do so. Updates The Plumber shall provide monthly status report that summarizes the work efforts and accomplishments performed.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
The Plumber shall comply with all PPE requirements of the Navy.


The Plumber must have the knowledge of how various supply, disposal and utility systems and equipment such as water and gas systems (gas appliances and controls), fire sprinkler equipment and water closets are installed and operate. This includes the following Abilities:

  • Plan and layout for the installation and modification of various systems and equipment such as routing and leveling gas and water lines and roughing in water closets, lavatories and fire sprinkler equipment.
  • Interpret and apply building plans and blueprints, use shop mathematics and lay out angles, arcs and circles.
  • Perform assigned duties using accepted trade practices, following the dictates, of the Uniform Plumbing Code.
  • Use standard hand tools and equipment used in the plumbing trade such as tapes, rules, hacksaws, hand and power threaders and cutters, packing and caulking irons, pipe wrenches, plumb bobs, mercury gauges, dividers, closet augers, hydrostatic pumps and lead pots.
  • Measure, cut, bend and tread pipe, tile pipe and caulk and seal elbows, union joints, tile pipe, faucets shower drains, etc.
  • Assemble and install rough underground soil pipe, venting and top out. Must know rough measurements of various fixtures i. e. toilets, lavatories, urinals, etc., both for water service and drains.
  • Skill in wiping and pouring lead joints, seating equipment and installing any combination of couplings, unions and joints needed for the proper operation of the systems.
  • Install galley and hospital equipment and comply with sanitary codes.
  • Estimating material requirements, i. e., pipe, fittings, and fixtures in the sizes, types, or lengths needed
  • Locating and marking spots for openings through which pipes are to pass or in which equipment will be installed
  • Threading, and pipe bending operations determining and marking guide lines
  • Placing and connecting air, natural or manufactured gas, sewage, and water fixtures and facilities such as hydrants, water mains, water closets, lavatories, showers, sinks, dish- washing machines, domestic size water heaters, unit gas heaters, stoves, and air compression equipment
  • Clearing difficult stoppages in drain pipe inspecting and testing piping after completing repairs, alterations, or additions periodically checking piping, fittings, an fixtures for defective parts or connections
  • Disassembling and repairing damaged sections or fabricating replacements and covering pipes with insulating materials
  • Uses appropriate hand and power tools common to the trade.

When required, the Plumber will assist lower graded workers supplying needed guidance.

All candidates shall have the ability to drive a motorized vehicle and possess a valid California C driver s license.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.