General Summary:
Responsible for all the High Temperature/Short Time pasteurizers for the Cheese Department.
Operator is responsible for the monitoring conditions in DMC in order to control the rate of acid development and to enable accurate pH control at the time of mixing and extruding for the Cheese Department.
At all times, operate in a manner consistent with safe operating procedures.Responsible for the safe and adequate operation of the HTST and DMC for the cheese department in accordance with Company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).Document any operational change during production and anything out of the ordinary, in the comment section of MES. Record all information legibly and accurately on logs.Operating Milk HTST and CIP systems, and recognizing and troubleshooting abnormal conditions.Operating Milk Standardizing and Sweet Cream systems, including Separator, Foss Machine, Relco Valves; Sweet Cream Chill Press balance tank, and pumps; and Whey Cream Addition.Operating Condensed Milk and Retentate system, including filling of silos and injection into milk line or add-back line.Accurately documenting required information on HTST recording chart and acquire a Pasteurizer'sMonitor condition of cheese coming from the vats and making adjustments to compensate as necessary.Transport, store and test samples as required. Pull required samples and taking required readings in a timely and sanitary manner.Operation of sine pump at DMC exit.Provide assistance to the vat operator as needed.Ensuring areas are audit ready at all times, and assisting in timing or checks on HTST's.Completion of all pre-startup inspections and maintenance of the Master Sanitation schedule.Communicate between, co-workers, departments and supervision as required.Must successfully complete JTPR and consistently perform work according to SOP.Perform other duties as assigned.Qualifications
Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Knowledge of sanitary GMPs.Physical requirements to perform job as defined in the essential job function.Must be able to exercise judgment and make decisions.Computer literacy.Some Experrience in food production preferred

Don't Be Fooled

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